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For a person, he is unable to go far for thousands of miles unless being of noble aspirations. Just being guided by this, BNSV has actively done open-up and continually stepped forward, with the market in for mation controlled on-time through the modern information network. Up to today, the valves made in BNSV have come into being one after another after in the trials and hardships for years and the practical people of BNSV have steadily stepped ahead and got a lot of brilliant achievements in thermo-power, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical, oil refinery, oil field, above-sea drilling platform, ship-making, metallurgy food, pharmacy etc. relevant fields.



Enterprise News
· Symposium of Women's day Was Held in Bensv  2019-03-08
· Bensv Won The Certificate of "killer mace" in Tianjin  2019-03-01
· Video | Bensv 2018 Summary & 2019 Working Conference  2019-02-28
· BNSV Domestic and International Exhibition Video and Partial Performance Review  2019-02-09
· Video | BNSV shares New Year Speech  2019-02-03
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