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  This Co. always believes that talents act as the source to hold a powerful strength! And a brilliant result has been so made as insisting in the management ideas “aking people as the base and taking science as the guidance”in the years hard work. Traveling in the new century, this Co. has made the talent development works a hundred-year plan such as to sincerely invite the keen-witted and capable persons in every circle, train every talent and encourage the activity of every staff member to have all of them love their posts and work actively and creatively so as to carry out the value of their own on their posts. Therefore this Co. holds a powerful guarantee to rank first among the same trade and be continually progressed and expanded just because of the excellent group formed with highly qualified staff members.

Enterprise News
· Symposium of Women's day Was Held in Bensv  2019-03-08
· Bensv Won The Certificate of "killer mace" in Tianjin  2019-03-01
· Video | Bensv 2018 Summary & 2019 Working Conference  2019-02-28
· BNSV Domestic and International Exhibition Video and Partial Performance Review  2019-02-09
· Video | BNSV shares New Year Speech  2019-02-03
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